Why Us


You Can’t Beat Ali Adventure’s Remarkable Value
Our all-inclusive prices have no hidden costs. Compare the price of one of our programs to what it would cost to duplicate the experience on your own (if that’s even possible) and you’ll see what we mean by “remarkable value.”

Lifelong Learning and Lifelong Friends
When you participate in an Ali Adventure program, you will not only expand your mind, you will be in the company of other people who believe that learning is one of the best parts of life.

Ali Who Inspire
Ali is an expert in his field and lifelong learner himself. He is excited to answer your questions, hear your opinions and share in your experience.

Solo Participants Love Our Programs
Ali Adventure programs are renowned for being inclusive, warm and welcoming for solo participants. We can either match you with a roommate or you can choose to room on your own.

Think Outside the Tour
The educational focus of Ali Adventure programs makes us completely different from a commercial travel tour. Ali Adventure program offer educational experiences that answer the “what’s,” the “why’s” and the “how-to’s.”

You Go Where Others Can’t
We offer exceptional educational experiences and we have made connections with educators and other local “insiders” all over Egypt, creating learning opportunities that show you Egypt in a way that just can’t be done on your own or on a “tour.”

We’ve Covered All the Bases
From expert-led lectures and field trips, to comfortable lodgings and meals – we handle all the details(including the ones you might not anticipate.) We’ve taken the worry out of the planning, so you can focus on your learning experience.